At Texas Pride AC & Heating, we’re the experts in wine refrigeration in Spring, TX. You’ve probably observed that the taste of your wine change over time when it’s stored at the right temperature. Temperature is one of the critical factors that can affect the quality of your wine. When wine is stored under freezing temperatures, it tends to crystalize and freeze, which may cause the cork to pop or the bottle to crack, resulting in oxidization.

    Wine Refrigeration in Spring, TX

    When wine is stored under hot temperatures, the heat can permanently taint the beverage’s flavor. However, storing wine at room temperature cuts its aging potential in half. We understand how frustrating it is to try and get the perfect glass of wine only to discover that it’s spoiled or tainted. Count on us for all your wine cooler needs.

    We Offer Wine Refrigeration Services To The Surrounding Houston Areas Including:

    Professional Wine Refrigeration in Spring

    The two main varieties of wine coolers are thermoelectric coolers and compressor coolers. It’s essential to understand the difference between the two if you want to get the most out of your cooler. The differences are found in the cooling systems and the efficiency with which they work.

    Thermoelectric coolers operate by a process known as the Peltier effect. This type of cooler has two sides made of different materials, and when an electric current flows through the unit, it brings heat from one side to the other side so that one side gets cooler while the other gets hotter. Heat leaves via a heat sink that dissipates the warmth into the air.

    A compressor cooler works in the same way that a refrigerator does, with a vapor compression cycle being used to remove the heat from inside the cooler. The cooler uses a coolant gas (refrigerant) to move heat from inside the unit to outside the unit. However, some models of compression coolers use fans to circulate the air. The models with fans tend to have more constant and even temperatures in the unit’s interior.

    Professional Wine Refrigeration in Spring

    There are a few benefits of purchasing a wine cooler:
    • Low maintenance
    • Ideal temperature
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Portability
    • Versatility

    Expert Wine Cooler Team

    Expert Wine Cooler TeamAt Texas Pride AC & Heating, we’re dedicated to offering quality wine refrigeration in Spring. When you live in Spring, you’ll experience hot summers and chilly winters, and you’ll want to protect your wine. Our team can help you choose the suitable wine cooler for your home.

    Our company offers Energy Star-certified products, and our highly trained technicians can work with any make or model, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We’re also EPA certified and a member of the ACCA. Our team can service your needs.

    Call Texas Pride AC & Heating today for more information about our quality service for wine coolers in Spring. We’re eager to help. Not looking for wine refrigeration services? We also offer heating services and air conditioning services.

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