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Curling up under a blanket with the heat on during a chilly day and relaxing on the couch with the air conditioning blasting in the summer are two activities that you may very much enjoy. In fact, what makes these experiences so pleasant is that they require little thought and effort. You can simply set the temperature in the house to your desired level and relax. However, a problem with the static pressure in your home’s HVAC system could interfere with this comfortable atmosphere.

Causes of Static Pressure Problems

To understand what causes static pressure, you first must understand what this issue is. Basically, static pressure is when the resistance in the HVAC equipment is not at the right level. For example, there may be too much resistance in the ducts of your home’s HVAC system, which then leads to further problems.

Issues with static pressure can have a number of causes. For example, the system might simply be old and outdated. HVAC systems need to be replaced and repaired from time to time, and if you haven’t taken care of the necessary upkeep, static pressure may have built up. There may have also been installation issues when the system was first put in or when the devices and structures were last updated.

Increased demands on the system could also lead to problems with static pressure. If you recently had the home’s kitchen expanded or if you added an extension to the first floor of the house, the system could then be fighting to keep up with the new heating and cooling requirements.

Effects of Static Pressure Problems

You might not think that problems with static pressure are cause for concern. However, these types of issues can actually lead to your family feeling uncomfortable in the house. An HVAC system with static pressure problems may not heat and cool the home evenly. You might step into one area of a room that is much colder or warmer than the rest of the space. Static pressure problems can also lead to a lot of racket, and you may have difficulty sleeping in the night with the noise. You may notice leaks around the house as well.

You also should not ignore the problems that static pressure can cause for your home’s HVAC system as a whole. Over time, the problems with static pressure can get worse. These issues can take a toll on your home’s HVAC system. By scheduling an appointment with the professionals now, you could take care of the static pressure issues before they grow worse. If you allow the issues to grow, you might find yourself with a tremendous problem and a huge bill in the future.

What To Do about Static Pressure

Fortunately, HVAC professionals can help relieve your home’s HVAC system of its problems with static pressure. Therefore, the wise step to take is to schedule an appointment. If you don’t have the problems addressed now, you could end up having to replace the home’s entire HVAC system at some point.

When the professionals are working on the issues, have a discussion about what caused these problems to manifest in the first place. For example, if an addition to the house led to increased demands on the HVAC system, ask the professionals for their recommendations in terms of preventing this same situation from coming up again in the future. You might need to have the HVAC system expanded to handle the new space in the home, and you could schedule an appointment with the team for this service.

Problems with static pressure can also happen when the ducts are dirty. Find out if you are able to clean the ducts independently and how often to do so. Ask the professionals for a demonstration of how to properly clean the ducts. If this work needs to be handled by the team, get an appointment in the books for your home’s next duct cleaning. Preventative measures such as this one can keep the static pressure from getting unbalanced again.

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