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Unlock Exclusive Benefits and Savings With Smilin' Jack's Comfort Club

Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance are the keys to keeping your home or office’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system running efficiently. We offer superior annual maintenance agreements at price points to fit every budget and need. When you book your regular service with us, you’ll have access to special VIP discounts and other perks!

Smilin Jack - Comfort Club | Texas Pride Air Conditioning & Heating in Spring TX
Key Benefits Of Regular Maintenance Included | Texas Pride Air Conditioning & Heating in Cypress TX
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Asset | Texas Pride Air Conditioning & Heating in Cypress TX
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The Best HVAC Service Agreements in Houston, TX

We’ve been taking pride in your comfort since 1984 and we want to make sure that, even when outdoor temperatures reach 100+ degrees, you and your family are cool and comfortable.

Any Houston HVAC contractor can offer a loyalty plan, but when you choose Texas Pride AC & Heating annual maintenance agreements, you’ll get exclusive benefits that you can’t find anywhere else:

  • Advanced and tailored plans to the needs of homeowners in South Texas.
  • No bait-and-switch. What you see is what you receive.
  • Professional service performed by NATE-Certified and licensed HVAC techs.

We proudly offer residential and commercial heating and cooling maintenance plans that work for anyone. Texas Pride AC & Heating offers and installs an HVAC monitoring package which includes a new Smart AC kit and monitoring 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

HVAC contractor adding refrigeration to HVAC units in Spring TX

Preferred Tier Membership

You can protect your home’s HVAC system even better with Preferred Tier air conditioning service agreements. It includes preventative maintenance, cleaning, and annual servicing so we can catch any problem while it’s small and easy to fix. It also includes the following perks:

  • Priority service
  • Discounted repairs
  • Certain HVAC parts covered
  • Advanced HVAC parts covered
  • Loyalty relationship for our reliable customers!

Your membership also includes discounts on all-demand service repairs, so even when something goes wrong, you can save money with each fix!

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Texas Pride AC & Heating Membership Has Its Perks!

Our Customer Care Program customers receive discounts on scheduled services. We also offer preferred scheduling for our members so you never have to wait when you need heating or cooling services ASAP. When you buy equipment through Texas Pride AC & Heating, you’ll receive a satisfaction guarantee for all heating, cooling, and air purification equipment!

Using our annual maintenance plans, you’ll enjoy:
  • Savings on your electrical consumption from a more efficient unit.
  • Increased reliability because your system is in good repair.
  • An Equipment Condition Report, which helps you plan when it’s time to replace the unit.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your system is clean, in good condition and ready to go for summer.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call to learn more and enroll in one of our annual maintenance plans today!

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Houston’s Best Heating and Cooling Team

Houston’s Best Heating and Cooling Team

Houston’s Best Heating and Cooling Team

Houston’s Best Heating and Cooling Team

Houston’s Best Heating and Cooling Team