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Texas is well-known for its dry heat and larger-than-life citizens. However, did you know that it can experience some fairly cold winters, as well? In fact, the northernmost points can get as cold as 20 degrees on average in the wintertime. 

If you’re one of the few people who live in the colder regions of Texas, then you’ll need to invest in some heating maintenance. Not much is worse than getting stuck in freezing temperatures without any kind of heat source to rely on. You also want to make sure your system is running at maximum capacity. 

Here’s how you can prepare your HVAC system for winter weather in Tomball, TX. 

Insulate Your Home and Clear Your Vents

The first thing you should do is prepare your home so that it holds warm air and circulates that air more efficiently. 

To begin with, add some extra insulation to your doors and windows to eliminate any cold drafts. Weather stripping works wonders for this and it’s relatively inexpensive to purchase. 

Whether it’s spring or winter, you’ll want to keep your vents clear of debris at all times. This is especially important if you have central air conditioning. 

Clear out your air filter regularly and keep furniture away from your vents. You should also make sure to wipe clean your vents of any hair or dust buildup. 

Invest in Heating System Maintenance

Regular heating maintenance in Tomball, TX is essential if you want to make sure there are no problems later on.

Some of the most common issues a heat pump can encounter are insufficient heat, ice covering the outside unit, and drainage issues. If your house isn’t insulated well, then it may be forced to run constantly to compensate for the inconsistent indoor temperatures. 

Your HVAC technician can assess your system and let you know if there is anything that needs changing, updating, or replacing. 

Hire HVAC and Furnace Repair Services

If your HVAC technician does find some problems, get those fixed as soon as possible. Waiting for a later date may mean paying more for repairs. You may also find out that the problem has gotten worse since then.

Anyone who needs to purchase a new heating system should look for off-season discounts. Tomball heating repair will be most busy in the fall and spring months, well before it gets hot or cold. Try to find an off-season month when they’re not as busy. 

Get Tomball Heating Repair Today

The most important part of your heating maintenance routine is hiring a professional to do the job on your behalf. If you tried to DIY some repairs, you could make things worse or even wreck your system. Better to leave it to the experts before winter comes. 

Texas Pride AC & Heating provides HVAC services throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our licensed and insured technicians come pre-stocked with every part they could need to get the job done. Contact us to learn more about our services and if you want to set up a visit.