Suppose you are having indoor air quality issues in Spring, TX. Contact Texas Pride AC & Heating. We offer quality air improvement services and devices. We know the effects of poor indoor air quality (IAQ), and that is why we help people improve their IAQ. Before offering these services, we usually test your indoor air. This is to determine the perfect solution. Below are more details on our air quality improvement services.

    Indoor Air Quality in Spring, TX

    Spring’s Air Quality Improvement Team

    You can request our services at any time. It is best to do so if you often experience flu-related symptoms when in your home. These symptoms include coughing, sneezing, fatigue, sinus congestion, and shortness of breath. Very poor air leads to a nauseous feeling. You start to experience allergic reactions when inside your home.

    Spring's Air Quality Improvement TeamBelow are other signs that should make you request our air quality improvement services.

    • Dust buildup around your air vents
    • Unwanted smells in your home
    • Irritated skin and skin rashes
    • Warm and cold spots in your home

    To improve the IAQ, we will identify indoor air contaminants. Not all indoor air is toxic. Typical indoor air contaminants are carbon dioxide, dust mites, dust, asbestos, and microbial organisms. We will then suggest to you what to do to get rid of these contaminants. To add to this, we will offer you heating and air conditioning maintenance services. For instance, we will clean and inspect your HVAC unit. We will also replace your filters. Replacing the air filters will help ensure that the air entering your home is clean since the new filters clarify the indoor air.

    If the IAQ is very poor, we will offer you air cleaners to tackle the quality deficiencies. These get recognized during the assessment. These cleaners usually have collectors that gather toxins from an indoor space. They also have an element that filters indoor air. Their effectiveness depends on the air-circulation rate and the nature of the air collector. Using a high air-circulation rate cleaner and an efficient collector improves your IAQ.

    Your Indoor Air Quality Team

    At Texas Pride AC & Heating, we offer IAQ testing and improvement services. You can find us along East 6½ Street, Houston, near Houston Heights Market. We are dedicated to providing the best IAQ improvement services. This ensures that our customers stay in comfortable indoor spaces. We have been in business since 1984, and we take pride in offering honest and up-front services. Our technicians are professionals and are always ready to attend to our customers.

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    We have been serving the people living in Spring for a long time. Contact us when in need of IAQ testing and improvement services.