At Texas Pride AC & Heating, we’re dedicated to offering exceptional indoor air quality services to the residents of Humble, TX. Having clean air circulating in your home is important for your health and comfort. Indoor air pollutants can leave foul odors in your house and lead to an array of health issues. Poor IAQ can cause sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and a range of other respiratory issues. If left untreated, poor indoor air can also result in heart and lung disease. Poor indoor air quality can be especially detrimental to those who are already dealing with breathing problems.

    Indoor Air Quality in Humble, TX

    There are many different ways to clean the air in your home. An expert can help you choose between an air scrubber, purifier, or filter. These units can be installed in various rooms of your house, or an expert can help you explore your options for a whole-house system. Getting a UV light installed can deactivate bacteria, viruses, and mold so that they can’t spread disease.

    Indoor Air Quality Services

    There are many different types of air pollution. Particulates, chemical vapors, and disease-spreading particles can all be airborne and get inhaled. Air cleaning systems are highly effective at getting rid of many different types of air pollution.

    Indoor Air Quality ServicesThere are many sources of indoor air pollution.

    • Pet dander
    • Cooking
    • Paints and furniture
    • Outdoor sources

    Homes that are built to be highly energy-efficient and airtight can be more prone to developing indoor air quality issues. Problems can also arise during times of the year when you have to keep your windows and doors closed more often.

    Humble’s IAQ Experts

    At Texas Pride AC & Heating, we want our Humble customers to have complete confidence in the air circulating in their homes. Our locally owned and operated company always has the best interests of our customers in mind. We have a team of NATE-certified technicians who are equipped with professional tools and the knowledge to make any IAQ job go smoothly. We’ve been serving area residents since 1984, and we strive to exceed expectations with everything we do. For installation projects, we can offer flexible financing options on approved credit.

    Our shop is located off of East 6 1/2 Street in Houston and has everything we need for any type of project. We’ll take the time to perform a thorough assessment of your situation so that we can offer sound advice about how to move forward. You’ll also receive a cost estimate for any repair or installation before we get started.

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    To learn more about how we could help keep the air in your Humble home as clean as possible, call Texas Pride AC & Heating today.