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Most people spend 90% of their life indoors. But when summer comes around in Texas, that percentage increases to nearly 100%.

Your home may be a safe haven from triple-digit heat, but you aren’t safe from airborne pollutants. That’s where HVAC air filters come in. Filters improve your home’s indoor air quality by eliminating particulate matter.

But how often should you replace HVAC filters in Tomball, TX? We will break down the answer to this question next, so keep reading to learn more.

How Often Should You Replace Home Air Filters?

A good rule of thumb is that you should replace home air filters every 60 to 90 days. But check with the manufacturer’s instructions to determine exactly how often your air filters need changing.

Manufacturers may recommend different replacement timelines based on air filter type. For example, fiberglass air filters last up to 30 days, while pleated air filters only need to be replaced every 90 days.

Of course, the manufacturer may not account for other factors. How often you run your HVAC or furnace, the size of your home, and the local Tomball, TX air quality are just a few of the things that compromise healthy indoor air quality.

As such, use the manufacturer’s recommendation as a guideline, not a concrete rule. You can determine if your filters need replacing more or less frequently by checking out the soil level.

Filters that are heavily soiled when you change them out may need more frequent replacements. If your air filters look unused after 60 days, consider changing them out less often to save money.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Filters Regularly

Regularly changing your air filters isn’t just a way to improve indoor air quality. This one habit can also lower your Tomball, TX heating and cooling bill, improve your allergies, and reduce the time it takes to clean your home.

Lower Your Cooling Bill

The average Texas household pays $396 in utilities each month. And a large portion of this cost goes toward cooling your home. If you are searching for ways to lower your AC bill, changing your air filters regularly can help your unit run more efficiently.

Improve Your Health

Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of allergy problems. So, changing your filters more often can reduce congestion, allergies, and even asthma.

Save Time Cleaning

The more dust and dirt your HVAC unit captures, the less there is to accumulate in your home. That’s why changing your air filters more often reduces the time it takes to clean your house.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Tomball, TX

Replacing HVAC filters every 60 to 90 days (or more often if they’re filthy) can improve your home’s air quality. Plus, you’ll get added benefits like lower cooling costs, reduced allergy symptoms, and a cleaner home.

Are you looking for more solutions for better indoor air quality in Tomball, TX? Texas Pride AC and Heating can help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more about reducing indoor air pollution in your home.