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A ductless AC (mini-split) system resembles and works the same way as a ductless or central air conditioner. Both absorb hot air and moisture from your house and dump it outside. However, a ductless air conditioner cools one room, while a ductless air conditioner consists of a network of ducts that ensures that every room in your home is comfy. Let’s dig deeper into the workings of a ductless air conditioner and its main components.

Hardware Components of a Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless air conditioner system utilizes the latest air conditioning technology for maximum efficiency and performance. These components work best to provide enhanced air quality and high efficiency.

Indoor Blower & Evaporator

The evaporator sucks heat from the atmosphere within your house. It also converts liquid refrigerant into gas as it circulates through the interior coils. Its fan blows the newly cooled air through your living space, giving you a cooling effect. So if you need to cool multiple rooms, you’ll have to install an indoor unit for each room. Lastly, the filter captures dust and other pollutants from the air, helping to keep your house clean and healthy.

Conduit Pipe

The conduit pipe in a ductless air conditioner connects the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. It is usually made of thin, long copper cable that transports refrigerant between the two units and provides electricity to outdoor and indoor units.

Outdoor Condenser System

This part works by pulling in hot air from the inside of your home, circulating it through a series of coils filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant then cools off the hot air, and the cooled air is pumped back into your home through an indoor unit.

Why Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

Ductless air conditioners have become common today because they eradicate common ducting issues in ACs. These problems include frequent leaks, contaminated air, and loud clangors within a ductless air conditioner.

Easy and Fast Installation

Fitting a new ductless air conditioner is hassle-free and straightforward. It only takes a day for a service technician to install mini-splits in several rooms in your home. If you’re planning for additions in your home, ductless AC would be the most affordable because it costs less than extending ductwork in a central HVAC.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A ductless air conditioner increases energy efficiency by its ability to cool individual rooms more effectively. A ductless system doesn’t have to cycle through an entire house, which can waste a lot of energy but focuses its efforts on your room.

There are also energy-saving features that you can use with a ductless air conditioner that you can’t use with a central system. For example, ductless systems often have a vacation mode, allowing you to keep a steady temperature while away from home and saving power while you’re away.

Save Space

Ductless air conditioners are excellent for saving room space because they don’t require ductwork. Just mount the indoor unit on your wall, and you’re good to go!

Improved Air quality

The lack of ducts means there is no place for dust, debris, or mold to build up if you regularly change the air filter on your ductless AC unit. Also, breathing in the conditioned air—free from allergens—helps improve your respiratory health.

Individualized Temperature Controls

Most people, including you, may like the individualized temperature controls in ductless air conditioning units. Traditional AC units have a few temperature settings that cool only one area at a time. But ductless units allow each room to have its temperature setting — keeping everyone in your home comfortable all day long.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know more about ductless air conditioning, it’s time to start thinking about whether or not it’s for you. If you’re in the market for a new AC, you owe it to yourself to give this technology a try.

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