Ductless Air Conditioning in Spring, TXAre you considering ductless air conditioning in Spring, TX, and want to know what the benefits are and what it would require in the future in the way of repairs and maintenance. We have the answers you’re looking for because we’ve fixed, maintained, and installed many mini-split AC systems in this area.

    Mini-splits are air handlers that cool individual rooms rather than the whole home. Each comes with its own thermostat. They don’t attach to ducts, but they do attach to an outdoor compressor unit as any ducted heat pump does. And like ducted heat pumps, they use refrigerant to transfer heat from the home to the outside when in cooling mode and the opposite when in heating mode. One compressor can usually connect eight air handlers.

    Ductless Air Conditioning Experts in Spring

    Ductless mini-split systems are compact and easy to install. The only connection necessary between an air handler and the compressor is a conduit that can fit through a three-inch hole in the wall.

    In addition, mini-split systems can:
    • Provide multiple zones for cooling
    • Avoid any energy loss due to ductwork
    • Allow for flexibility in interior design
    • Last longer (up to 30 years for an air handler)

    Ductless Air Conditioning Experts in SpringEach occupant can adjust the temperature settings according to his or her liking. And by shutting off the air handler in unoccupied rooms, you conserve even more energy and save on your bills. Besides that, mini-splits are unobtrusive, making little noise.

    You may need the occasional repair, though, as mini-splits can struggle and get worn down quickly when the winters are particularly cold. As with a ducted heat pump, you may experience a refrigerant leak or problems with the condenser coil and other components. Ductless systems can short-cycle, make loud noises, and give off other signs that they need a repair or tune-up. Most companies can provide annual or biannual maintenance for these systems.

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    Our experienced technicians at Texas Pride AC & Heating can expertly install your mini split AC and, when the time comes for it, provide repairs and maintenance. We’re in Houston on East 6 1/2 Street, not far from Stude Park, and we can quickly send someone out to your home for a consultation.

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