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Generally, when you think of installing a new air conditioning system in your home, you consider some factors—for instance, deciding which unit to install between dual-stage and variable stage systems.

To consider one over the other, you need first to understand the differences and benefits of each before making that decision. Generally, the two options differ in terms of speed selection, comfort, and energy efficiency goals.

Dual State and Variable State Systems infographic

Dual Stage AC System

A dual-stage AC system, also called a two-stage system, contains a compressor that functions at two speeds. Generally, the compressor pumps the refrigerant to the air conditioner to control your cooling rate.You can set dual-stage AC systems to function at a maximum capacity. You can also set them on a low setting to work at about 60-70% capacity. This is an advantage over single-stage systems, which only operate at a full capacity.

This function of running at a reduced capacity helps you save on the amount of energy utilized. Another advantage of dual-stage AC systems is the reduced strain for the whole system. As a result, the system will serve you for a longer time and require fewer repairs.

Dual system AC units

Variable Stage AC System

If you are looking for a more efficient air conditioning system for your home, variable stage systems might be your best option. You can set variable systems to run faster depending on the cooling rate required.

When running at a reduced rate, variable stage AC systems offer a steady cooling rate while consuming less energy. These types of air conditioners provide your house with precise temperatures and efficient dehumidification, giving your home a comfy atmosphere.

In addition, the systems have the advantage of a longer lifespan than dual-stage systems. They also require less maintenance and repairs, resulting in lower running costs.

After deciding on which type is a better fit for your long-term operating costs and maintenance needs, be sure to shop for the right system that suits your home cooling requirement. The following are some tips to help you purchase the best system for your home.

1. Comfort

Generally, dual-stage AC systems operate at either high or reduced capacity. As a result, they can offer your house streams of cool air either at a low or high rate.

On the other hand, a variable stage AC system has a different level of speed control starting from 25% to full capacity. Typically, the variable system’s functioning is almost continuous, providing your home with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. If you are looking for a cooling system that will provide an accurate temperature for your house, choose this system type.

2. Operation

The mode of operation is a significant factor to consider when choosing between dual and variable systems. Dual-stage systems usually operate on a compressor to run the two possible levels of speed. However, you have an excellent operating range with the variable stage systems as you can operate them at various rates.

3. Energy Efficiency

Generally, although variable stage systems operate continuously, they are more efficient and consume less energy. This is because you can run them at speeds as low as 25% of the full capacity.

Bear in mind that cooling systems requiring you to turn them off and on constantly may raise your energy bills. Be sure to choose a system that operates at different speed capacities if you want to save on your energy bills. Additionally, if you are looking for an AC system for your home, Texas Pride technicians are ready to help you install the best one for your home, individually.

Which Is the Best Option?

Generally, variable stage systems are the best option for managing your home temperatures, dehumidification, and energy efficiency.Depending on the temperature levels within your home, variable systems will offer you the most comfortable temperature. However, some situations might require you to install dual-stage AC systems. When you don’t have the resources to purchase the variable AC system, a dual-stage system can still work great for you.

Clearly, the two systems have a significant difference when it comes to their prices. However, if you lack the resources to get the most effective one at the time of installation, a dual-stage system will do.

Variable systems technology

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