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Tailored to Perfection: Custom Ductwork for Your Unique Needs

Your home or office building’s ductwork is integral to your interior comfort and indoor air quality. Texas Price AC & Heating offers superior ductwork replacement and installation, perfectly tailored to the interior of your building, the style of your HVAC system, and your financial needs.

We prepare custom ductwork, from design to fabrication and installation, brought to you by professionally trained HVAC technicians. If you need to repair or modify your home’s ductwork, we work within your needs and budget to find a solution that works. Our custom ductwork is crafted precisely to your specifications in a sheet metal fabrication shop.

Each duct system Texas Pride AC & Heating installs is calculated and crafted to provide efficient airflow for optimum comfort to quietly cool or heat your home or office. In fact, the efficiency of your HVAC system is directly related to the design, quality, and condition of your ductwork. Inefficient ductwork, or a dirty system with loose parts, means that your furnace or air conditioner has to work harder, wearing it out faster and leading to more expensive repairs down the road.

Using drill to add ductwork in attic | Texas Pride Air Conditioning & Heating in Cypress TX

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Texas Pride AC & Heating specializes in crafting custom ductwork, using sheet metal for ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. We perfectly measure, cut, and shape each piece for the building it’s going into, using high-quality materials made to last many years.

We look at the plans and specifications of the residential or commercial building and then fabricate custom ductwork that properly traverses the structure. We also construct dryer ducts and vents, or those for a garage, shed, or another outbuilding.

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New Ductwork Can Increase Home Value

At Texas Pride AC & Heating, our customer care team is often asked if installing new ductwork can improve a home’s value. The answer is yes! In some cases, installing custom ductwork can increase the value of a house by 10%. This is because many potential buyers do not want to worry about whether the furnace or air conditioner will work or question their indoor air quality when purchasing a new property.

Ductwork replacement can significantly increase property value, especially for older homes in Houston, TX that have not had a heating and cooling upgrade in a long time – if ever. Although the new custom ductwork may not be visible to buyers when they tour the property, the effects of a superior heating and cooling ventilation system are very noticeable. Clean, pure air and a quietly operating furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner can make a home much more comfortable and pleasant.

Our team can install fiberglass and sheet metal fabrication ducts, properly sealing them to prevent air leakage. We also fasten the flexible ductwork to ensure airtight connections. We use the best materials and tools for long-lasting, reliable heating and cooling connections.

Ductwork with huge dent and damage | Texas Pride Air Conditioning & Heating in Cypress TX

Common Mistakes in Ductwork Installation

At Texas Pride AC & Heating, we earn your trust and promise that you can count on us to get the job done right.

A few common mistakes with ductwork installation that we ensure to avoid include:
  • Undersized Ductwork System: We take the time to measure the correct diameter of ductwork so that you have maximum airflow no matter how robust your furnace and air conditioner are. Well-trained professionals can accurately determine the right size of the ducts using the ACCA Manual D calculation for your home.
  • Incorrectly Placed Elbows: The bends in the ductwork that route it around corners are called the “elbows.” When placed improperly the airflow can be very restricted. Therefore, you may use more energy and have to run your HVAC system longer. This can wear out the parts faster and result in higher utility bills each month.
  • Not Enough Return Vents: The air is drawn back into the HVAC system via the return vents. Air transfer is used by home heating and cooling systems to move air from outside to heat or cool and exchange it with air inside the house. Inadequate returns reduce efficiency.

If you’re ready to improve the efficiency of your home or office building’s HVAC system, custom ductwork from Texas Pride AC & Heating is the solution! Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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