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Humidifiers supplement the moisture content indoors during the cold winter. Cold air has less moisture-holding power, and the more cold air that is inside your home, the drier it feels. The most common type of humidifier is the evaporative model. Evaporative humidifiers are available as standalone portable units and whole-home units that work directly alongside your HVAC system to add moisture throughout your home. Regardless of the type of humidifier you use, there are several benefits you can look forward to when using one of these devices during the winter season.

Boosts Overall Sleep Quality

Dry air can cause inflammation in the throat and nasal passages, restricting the airways. This can lead to snoring, which directly affects sleep quality and duration. In addition to affecting the person who snores, the snoring can also interrupt the sleep of their partner and anyone else sleeping in the same room. Adding a humidifier to your bedroom or HVAC system can help you and your family breathe better at night. Running a humidifier throughout the day can also help reduce snoring and improve sleep by keeping your throat moist.

Inhibits the Spread of Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

Studies show that maintaining an indoor humidity level of over 43% reduces the survival rate of airborne pathogens by around 85%. Dried-out spaces offer healthy environments for airborne pathogens to float in the air and spread. Introducing moisture into a dry space speeds up the pathogen-to-water-molecules bonding process. When a pathogen bonds with more water molecules, it becomes too heavy to float in the air. Therefore, the bonded pathogens will fall to the ground. This, in turn, leads to fewer airborne pathogens in the air to spread illnesses.

Prevents Dry Skin and Hair

If you’ve ever experienced dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, or an itchy scalp during the winter, you likely understand the impact that low humidity can have on your body. When the air around you is dry, it pulls moisture from your skin, which is approximately 10% to 30% water. The dryer the air is, the more quickly your skin loses moisture and you feel the effects, including itchiness, redness, and inflammation.

Adding a humidifier will slow the loss of moisture and prevent these issues. It can also help prevent your lips from chapping and your hair from drying out. Humidifiers can even reduce eye irritation during the winter months.

Improves Heating Efficiency

During the winter months, you depend on your heating system to keep warm. Unfortunately, running your heater will inevitably raise your energy bills. Also, your heating system further dries out the air in your home, exasperating your humidity issues.

Using a humidifier can address both of these problems. Moist air feels warmer than dry air, so you may be able to turn your thermostat down a few degrees with a humidifier running. You also won’t have to worry about any of the other issues that come with low indoor humidity.

May Reduce Allergy Symptoms

If you or someone in your home has allergies or asthma, increasing your indoor humidity can be a great way to reduce symptoms. Moist air is easier to breathe, and it can help soothe tissues in the throat and nose, reducing inflammation. However, it’s important to keep your humidifier as clean as possible because a dirty unit can actually increase the number of allergens throughout your home.

Other Humidifier Benefits

The benefits of running a humidifier during the winter don’t stop at supporting your health and comfort. Moist air can also prevent damage to wood furniture and flooring. Dry air can also cause your wood doors to change in size, making them more difficult to open and close.

Reducing static electricity is another benefit of using a humidifier. You may have noticed that static electricity increases during the winter months, and this can lead to more than the occasional shock. In severe cases, built-up static electricity can even damage sensitive electronics. Air that is properly humidified will limit, if not completely eliminate, any problems associated with static electricity.

Your Local Indoor Air Quality Experts

At Texas Pride, we are highly experienced in helping local homeowners in the Houston area improve their indoor air quality. Our team can help you properly regulate your humidity and purify your air. We also offer heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial customers. We’ve been serving the area since 1983 and are dedicated to keeping our customers comfortable year-round. Contact us at Texas Pride today to schedule an appointment.

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