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Keep Your Home Fresh With Professional Refrigeration Services

Summers in Houston, TX are no joke, and many home and business owners may be looking for an alternative to a central air conditioner or a series of ductless mini-splits. At Texas Pride AC & Heating, we have a solution to keep you cool all summer long.

Have you considered a new and more efficient system? We install, maintain and repair home HVAC system that keeps you, your family, and your pets cool, even when temperatures outside reach over 100 degrees!

There are a few details that separate a whole home refrigeration system in Spring, TX, from central air or single-room mini splits. If you’re unsure which type of system is best for your needs and budget, don’t worry; our friendly customer care team can help you learn more about the different brands of whole home heating and air conditioning systems and the features of each one. We’ll also explain how the installation process works and show you comparisons of different systems so that you can make an informed decision for your residential or commercial building.

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Whole House Refrigeration Services

Aside from a traditional heating and cooling system, whole-house refrigeration services are another option for cooling your entire home. These systems are similar to central air conditioning in that you can set the temperature for the entire building rather than different temperatures in each room or zone in different areas, as a ductless mini split system or installing window air conditioners would.

Our whole-house refrigeration services include planning a system that makes sense for the size of your building. Our technicians have been professionally trained to properly install the systems and wire them into your home or office building. We also complete repairs on your system using top-quality parts and the proper tools so you can ensure that every fix is made to last.

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What Is a Whole House HVAC System?

A whole house HVAC system works by taking in air from outside and either heating or cooling it, then blowing it into an interior space. The heating and cooling system has ducts that run through the walls to move warm or cool air from room to room.

Heating and cooling systems do more than just move warm or cool air. They also improve indoor air quality using filtration systems to remove mold spores, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even bacteria and viruses. You can incorporate a whole-home dehumidifier into the system and install UV lights that help improve air purity and sterility. HVAC systems use thermostats to cue them to turn on and off, maintaining a consistent temperature in the home.

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The Difference Between AC and Refrigeration

Refrigeration units are used to cool the immediate vicinity of the system. It uses pipes filled with a coolant chemical, often F-gas, that is forced from a liquid into a gas that creates a cooling effect inside the room. Refrigeration units cycle this process. Once the gas is released into the room, it’s cycled through and then turned back into a liquid using a condenser. The coolant flows consistently through the tubes, which helps remove the heat from the air and maintains low temperatures.

Air conditioners use the same type of coolant, but also use ambient air inside the space as part of the heat-removal process. These appliances use ductwork and fans to push cool air through a building instead of cooling the air already present. Air conditioners also remove moisture from the air, whereas in a refrigerant-cooled system, the air may be more humid.

The key differences between whole-home refrigeration systems and air conditioning units are:
  • Air conditioning pushes air away; refrigeration keeps the air close.
  • Air conditioning uses both coolant and air from outside.
  • Refrigeration cools and freezes air; air conditioning dehumidifies and cools the air.

Are you ready to install a whole-home refrigeration system for your property? Call Texas Pride AC & Heating today for a free estimate!

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